Product ID: 5#
Product Name: Nylon Injection Closing
Specification: Ordinary Closed
the above zipper is abrasion-proof, soft, smooth, elegant and grand. It does not include azo, heavy metal, nickel, carcinogen and allergic substances. It will not be discolored after rub white washing, dry cleaning, sand washing, acid washing, crinkle-proof washing and bleaching washing by enzyme stone. It has low shrink ratio and flat zipper teeth. The zipper’s transverse tensile strength is 96kg, top tensile strength 17kg, bottom horizontal tensile strength 5kg, (12kg for close-end), strength of the slider 7.5kg, integrate strength 22kg, bottom tensile strength 8kg and anti-fold strength 42kg, all overcoming ASTM standards, available to woman casual wear, sportswear, skiwear, wind coat, casual shoes, raincoat and knitted sweater.